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"Promoting the well-being of our community"


We offer counseling to individuals, couples and families to assess mental health problems, design individualized treatment plans and jointly develop goals for resolving the problem. During counseling, you will learn about your mood, feelings, thoughts, stressors and behaviors.

We have expertise with both children and adults dealing with issues from workplace stress to eating disorders. Our counselors will assist you in developing healthy coping skills designed to improve your ability to function in your relationships and social roles and to enhance your ability to resolve emotional issues.

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Newman Avenue Associates are available to provide topic-specific training for groups in need. Our educational workshops and presentations may be onetime events or comprise multiple sessions and are designed to meet the needs of the particular group.

Training has the goal of improving one's capability, capacity, and performance and recognizes a need to continue beyond one's initial qualification in order to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout working life. Our counselors have many areas of expertise and are happy to contribute to the community.

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We provide consultation for individuals and groups seeking the assistance of established mental health professionals in addressing difficult issues. As consultants, we offer ideas, suggestions, advice and act as a resource to help you develop your practice or handle complex situations.

At times, we meet with fellow mental health providers to explore the dynamics of their situation and help them seek healthy resolutions; others, we may provide a written report of assessments and recommendations. You will always retain the option of whether to act on our advice.

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NAA Therapist who are EMU Alumni


             Eastern Mennonite University celebrated their impact on the Mental Health Community with the Fall/Winter/Spring 2011-2012 publication of "Crossroads" magazine, called "To Mental Health with Love,” March 2012. NAA has three Therapists who are alumni of EMU. They are:

Mercy Henning Souder LPC, 99,
Rose Stolzfus Huyard LPC, MA 96, and
Bonita Hertzler Jantzi LCSW, 73.r LPC, MA 95.


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