We Care About JMU Students

We’re clinicians with a heart for our entire community, including JMU students. Our clinicians have experience meeting with you, walking through life’s challenges and helping you to resolve conflicts in your life.

We're Connected To JMU
As clinicians and even graduates of JMU, we have been working with students since 1981 and adding more clinicians with connections to JMU all the time. Whether you’re dealing with eating disorders, relationship conflicts, sexual identity issues or just need someone safe to talk to, we would like to meet with you.

How To Get Started
Getting started involves making a phone call to our insurance verification service, Benchmark Systems. You can reach them at 800-640-9032. Let them know that you would like to meet with a counselor from our practice. After they enter your insurance information, you can contact any of our clinicians to get started immediately.

Contact A Clinician
After you have made the call to Benchmark Systems, you can schedule an appointment directly with any of our clinicians.  Clinicians who have history and close ties to JMU include Mercy Souder, Joe Lynch, Jenny Kuszyk, and Heather Driver.  Please leave a message on any of our voicemails and you will be promptly called back. We look forward to working with you.